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Computer Glitch Strands United Flights 电脑故障,美国联合航班陷于困境  

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         (CHICAGO) — United Airlines said Saturday that a computer glitch that grounded flights nationwide and left some passengers stranded overnight had been fixed. (芝加哥)——美国联合航空公司星期六说道;由于电脑故障,国内航班降落受阻,滞留旅客整夜陷于困境,现已修复。

          The airline blamed the problem on "a network connectivity issue" and said it was in the process of resuming normal operations. But the airline also indicated passengers may experience some delays for the rest of the weekend. "While we will be experiencing some residual effect on our flight operations throughout the weekend, United is committed to restoring normal operations as soon as possible," Alexandria Marren, senior vice president of system operations control for United, said in a written statement. "We encourage customers to print their boarding pass prior to arrival at the airport and give themselves extra time. 航空公司谴责;那是“一个网络连接问题”,还说,已经恢复到正常程序。但是航空公司还是向乘客表明可能对大家的周末之余有一些耽搁。联合航空公司系统运行控制副总裁亚历山大-马伦以书面文告:“我们即将经历航班全周末运行的剩余效应,联合航空公司致力于尽快恢复正常运行,”“我们给予额外时间,支持客户在飞机到达机场前打印自己的登机证。”

           The airline apologized to its customers and said it was rebooking passengers as needed. 联合航空公司向消费者道歉。这些消费者都是需要重新预定登机的乘客。

           The outage started around 7:15 p.m. CDT Friday and lasted for about five hours. As a result, long lines of passengers formed at airports in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago. Some passengers ended up spending the night at airports or found hotel rooms in the cities where they were stranded. 美国中央时区星期五下午7:15开始运行中断,持续了大约5小时。结果是旧金山,洛杉矶,丹佛和芝加哥机场的乘客排起了长队。一些乘客结束了机场欢度的时光,他们在陷于困境的城市找到了宾馆客房。

           United said its flight departures, airport processing and reservation system, including its website, were affected by the outage. United didn't say how many passengers or flights were affected. But Los Angeles International Airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said the outage affected about 2,500 people at that airport alone. 联合航空公司说道;公司航班出行,机场程序,包括公司网站都受到运行中断的影响。联合航空公司没有说有多少旅客,多少航班受到影响。但是洛杉矶国际机场女发言人南希-卡瑟尔说;运行中断影响到机场大约2500人。

          Nina and Mark Whitford of Brockville, Ontario, ended up in Chicago while on a layover on their flight home from Minneapolis. They said they were headed to a hotel to spend the night and were dismayed when an airline worker told them they would have to mail in their hotel receipt to get reimbursed. "We've been waiting here for about two hours for our baggage, and nothing's come," said Nina Whitford, 35. She said several people were still at the airport around 1 a.m. CDT Saturday, and others on their flight had rented cars to complete their trip to Canada. "Some people were sleeping and some people were getting very angry because no one was giving us any answers," she said. 妮娜华福和马克华福从家乡明利阿波利斯乘坐的航班历经中途短暂停留飞跃布洛克维尔,安大略最后到了芝加哥。他们说;他们飞往一家旅馆度夜,而使他们感到失望的是;一位航班工人告诉他们;他们免不了要收到他们预定旅馆的赔偿收据。妮娜华福35岁,她说道:“我们一直在此等待我们的行李,但是什么都没等来。”她说,到凌晨1时几个人仍滞留在机场。美国中央时区星期六,他们航班上的其他人已经租到汽车完成到加拿大的旅行。她说:“有些人在睡觉,有些人感到非常生气,因为没有人给我们答复。”

          Ron Schaffer, an Apple Inc. engineer, was trying to connect with a flight to Grand Junction, Colo., after flying into Denver from Orlando, Fla. "A hundred yards of kiosks, and every one of them closed," he said, adding there were no flights listed on monitors. "Workers were trying to answer questions. They have no ability to do anything manually. They can't check baggage. You can't get baggage. You are really stuck." 隆-雪弗是苹果电脑公司的一位工程师。他要力争在航班从福罗里达州奥兰多机场飞到丹佛之后将航班和格兰姜欣,科罗拉多接通。他说:“他们每个人都要靠近一个数百码见方的电话亭,监视器上未出现航班。工人们极力回答问题。他们不能用手动做任何事。他们不能检查行李。你们不能得到行李,你们确实被卡住了。”

           At the San Francisco International Airport, hundreds of passengers stood shoulder-to-shoulder. 旧金山机场数以百计的乘客肩并肩地站立着。

           Still, some people took the delays in stride. Steve Cole, 51, of Bloxwich, England, was at the San Francisco airport waiting for a flight to Las Vegas. "These are the things you have to expect when you're on holiday." Cole said. "I'm missing a night of gambling," he added with a grin. 也有人泰然自若地面对此次延误。英格兰,伯劳科斯郡的史蒂夫-科尔现年51岁。他在旧金山机场等待飞往拉斯维加斯的航班。科尔说道:“当你们度假时,这些都是你们不得不预料到的事情。”“我错过了一个赌博的夜晚”他咧嘴笑着又补充了一句。


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